Food & Beverage Label Application Service

Food Containers

When precision labeling and fast turnaround are essential to the production of your food containers and bottles, it’s important to partner with a company that understands your needs. Technigraph meets the demands of the food industry with the application of pressure-sensitive labels, shrink wrap labels and on-bottle screen printing. We provide label application for condiment containers, spreadable food containers, and many other food-related bottles.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Beverage & Craft Beer Bottles

Technigraph provides precision application services including shrink-wrap label application and custom bottle decorations for containers in the beverage and craft beer industries. Our services include custom applications for aluminum beer cans and bottles, plastic bottles and more.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Personal Care Containers

In a highly competitive consumer market, it’s important for products to stand out on the shelf. This is especially true in the personal care market. Technigraph works with personal care companies to apply professional labels and designs to lip balm containers, body lotion bottles, hand soap bottles, body wash containers, vitamin containers & more.

Shrink Sleeve Labels - Avon Skin so Soft

Health & Beauty Containers

Technigraoh helps companies compete in the Health & Beauty industry by accurately applying labels, shrink wrap sleeves, bottle decoration & more. Our label application is compatible with most Health & Beauty product containers including shampoo bottles, makeup containers, perfume & cologne bottles, bath product containers, hair product bottles & so much more.