Goavo - Shrink Sleeve Application

Shrink Sleeve Label Application

Shrink Sleeve labels provide valuable branding space. We apply shrink sleeve labels to plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Shrink sleeve labels are applied using state-of-the-art Axon equipment, and EZ 130 and EZ 200 application heads are used to lay flat dimensional ranges of 18mm and 200mm at application speeds up to 120 containers per minute. We use radiant heat and steam tunnels to create a high-quality shrink sleeve application.

Benefits of Working with Technigraph

  • Provide us with your shrink sleeve label design or we can design and source a label for you.

  • Source your own bottles or use our Alpha plastic bottles.

  • We apply shrink sleeve labels to simple and complex bottle shapes.

  • We can accommodate lower minimum order quantities up to larger volume runs.

We work with craft beer manufacturers to sleeve aluminum 12oz and 16oz beer cans at lower minimum quantities.

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