Technigraph enjoys working with company owners that have a vision for their product(s). In this instance, the owner of the specialty haircare line, All-Nutrient and their distribution partner came to Technigraph in need of both bottle and container decoration solutions.

Technigraph took the time to gain an understanding for the desired direction of the product line. From this discovery phase we were able to develop the custom bottle consumers see on the shelves today. The decoration for All-Nutrient is a multi-pass process that gives depth and dimension to the entire line. Containers are first spray frosted at the shoulder to support the different colors of the product line and then receive a direct screen print to provide the finishing branding touch.

All-Nutrient, a new company entering the competitive haircare space, was able to carve out market share and differentiate itself from the competition with an elegant, eye-catching bottle and container decoration process.

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