The distribution partner for Barburys came to us because others were not able to apply the desired label to their client’s ideal bottle type and shape. They were looking for a solution that would not only be easy to manage but cost effective as well.

We love it when people come to us with this type of challenge. We have the resources and reach to get the job done. In this instance we were able to work directly with the distribution partner to support sourcing and acquisition of the ideal bottle, manage the intake of labels, apply the labels, and then deliver finished units to the filler.

Barbury’s is just one example of what Technigraph can do for clients on the contract labeling side of container decoration. Prior decorators had struggled with the client’s desire and Technigraph was able to deliver because we have the flexibility to offer a variety of options based on the situation. We can either marry the preferred partners already in place or source all the components and provide a turnkey solution that is ready to go when you need it to be.

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