This application is a great example of thinking outside the box and how Technigraph can work with customers as a partner from concept to what ultimately lands on the shelf. The developers of Eliminex came to us via their distribution partner with an idea and a desire to create a unique look that would stand out on the shelf for their product launch.

Technigraph worked closely with the client and distribution partner to source a customer HDPE bottle (the container is actually grey). Working with a Technigraph partner, we developed the art direction for the product. After exploring various applications like raised inks and tactiles, we landed on the outlandish idea of metalizing the bottle. Going a step further, the client and distributor created a custom bottle mold to enhance the product branding within the bottle face and bottom design, which was enhanced by the direct metallization and direct screen print over the metallization to provide the extra something special that makes this product’s packaging truly one-of-a-kind.

Eliminex is just one example of how Technigraph can help entrepreneurs or established companies take an idea from concept to successful product launch producing something far from ordinary, but extraordinary.

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