Herbal Essences

Proctor and Gamble (“P&G”) came to us when the decision was made to revive Herbal Essences, originally launched in 1971. We had worked with P&G on the creation of a banded closure for Pantene, which enjoyed a resurgence in market share with the new packaging. The target market for Herbal Essences was identified as Gen Y and Millennial females. The challenge was to find a way for the packaging to draw the consumer in, stand apart and inspire purchase on what is certainly crowded shelf space with many competing product lines.

Our technical team worked closely with P&G’s packaging development group. Herbal Essences had moved to a more vibrant color pallet for its packaging. It’s then we hit on how we could create an eye-catching application that included a silver band designed to draw the eye. Silver is now seen across the various Herbal Essences’ product lines. The silver hot stamp closure decoration for stylers and the foundation line of shampoos and conditioners provides a nod to what remains the classic Herbal Essences logo on the cap, while updating the presentation and appeal to the identified target market.

We’re happy to report that customer engagement and sales have been very positive via the new Herbal Essence re-launch. P&G continues to take advantage of Technigraph’s expertise across most of the core service areas for many of their product lines.

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