The Sebastian jar product line is another example of Wella’s confidence in our ability to  deliver appropriate container decorating solutions. Professional Sebastian Molding Mud,  Craft Clay, and Matte Putty use custom jars. Decorating includes metalics, a subtle logo  design that warrants a process to finish the container a dimensional, tactile feel.

Very few companies working in our space are able to run heavy wall jars as they can be very hard on direct printing equipment. Technigraph has both the equipment and expertise that allows us to run this type of product easily and efficiently. Focused art development in correlation with Technigraph’s pre-press team was a significant contributing factor to the products end result. It allowed for a multi-pass process and a hot stamp replacement silver specialty ink that gives the product dimension on the shelf and a textured feeling in the hand.

Sebastian utilizes Technigraph for its heavy wall jar container decoration. The art direction and process established carries through to the full line of Sebastian products.

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