When TRESemmé began contemplating a relaunch they and parent company, Unilever, turned to Technigraph via their distribution partner for their labeling needs. What was unique about this proposition was the logistics of bringing several different entities together for this successful contract labeling project.

Unilever and TRESemmé put their trust in their distribution partner and Technigraph to handle the logistics in bringing the project to fruition. The jars were sourced internationally with the labels coming from a US supplier via the distribution partner and managed through. Technigraph to ensure the components were married together on-time to meet the inventory builds and final shipment to the product filler. In this instance, Technigraph partnered with the distributor as the front-end manager, coordinating the team to figure out the appropriate label, jar, application, and routing outbound to the filler in a way that met the demands of all involved.

A stunning labeled product to support a spectacular product re-launch effort. This really is an exceptional presentation and an example of how contract labeling can be seamless and pain free for the client.

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